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Three for Thursday

Here are a few of my favorite things for this Thursday:

  • What I’m reading: Romance novels by Stephanie Laurens – I stumbled across her books on the shelf at the library the other day, saw that they were set in the Victorian era (which I’m currently saturating myself with), and checked two out. I then promptly devoured both of them. Intelligent, funny, emotional, passionate. Too good to miss.
  • What I’m watching: Thor: Ragnarok – This was the first Marvel movie in awhile (and the first Thor movie ever) that I truly enjoyed. It’s a different, funnier side of Thor, which will I take as the result of his association with Tony Stark. And a fight match between Thor and the Hulk? AND Valkyries? What’s not to love?*
  • Exercise program I’m loving: Classical Stretch – Sure, the instructor is Canadian and a former ballerina (i.e. super flexible), and it’s kind of quirky, but the exercises are scientifically researched** to increase strength and flexibility, the show is filmed in beautiful locations (Mexico, Jamaica), and the best part: just 20-ish minutes! These are the first workouts I have done in I can’t remember, where I don’t constantly clock watch from the beginning; I’ll start to wonder how much time is left, and discover there are only 3 minutes left! Just watch out for the pliés, though — they are killers.

What is delighting you this Thursday?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



*Okay, Cate Blanchett once again as a villain didn’t thrill me, but at least she was better in this than the dreadful Indiana Jones Film That Shall Not Be Named.

**The exercises use the same principles as what I studied in massage school, which won me over.

3 for Thursday

What I’m liking this week:

Reading: Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews. I love the Kate Daniels series, and it has been awhile since I read urban fantasy (I was on a science fiction kick, and then started working on my TBR pile, and now wanted something to just entertain myself with).

Eating: Roasted pork chops. I had never cooked pork chops before, despite growing up with them. Tried a very simple recipe (I like “simple” in just about everything), and it turned out so well that I’ve got to do it again. Like this weekend.

Thinking: Unf*%& Your Habitat. Been trying to create a more efficient and simple (see? I told you I liked simple) cleaning routine, and as much as I like a lot of Flylady’s content*, she seems to have way more time than I do. UfYH has an attitude that resonates with me**, and I really like the “before and after” photos of folks cleaning up their spaces***.

Now, to get back to enjoying the current sunbreak . . .



*I will say that Flylady’s “swish and swipe” concept is brilliant, and combined with keeping the kitchen sink and counters clean, means a lot of the stress/effort of cleaning becomes moot.

**Just the name would be enough, but then they go and say things like “Excuses are boring.” I love that.

***It’s a guilty pleasure, like watching Property Brothers , but without hot Canadian guys. Or Canadian accents.

3 for Thursday

What’s on my mind, or in my belly, this week:

Reading: The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday.
Stoicism isn’t just for philosophers anymore. Real, practical strategies for dealing with life. No religion required.

Drinking: Get Happy tea by The Republic of Tea
I thought I would try something different from my usual Tension Tamer tea from Celestial Seasonings. Get Happy has a peach edge to it, which is different from most other mood lifting teas out there.

Thinking: It takes the time it takes.
This seems so cliched, but I’m finding that it is applicable to so many aspects of my life right now (from writing to grieving to driving). It’s a reminder to myself to not stress about how long it takes to do something. I tend to have mental timelines for damn near everything, so when I get behind on those timelines, I get stressed. Who set those timelines? Some optimistic Pollyanna figment of my imagination. While it’s good to have deadlines, it’s also good to not cause yourself problems when you don’t meet those self-imposed goals. (As I have to keep reminding myself.)

Now, back to the writing desk . . .



3 for Thursday (last Thursday, actually)

Three things that are helping me get through this week:

  1. Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach – space opera with a strong lead woman, imaginative world, and even better . . . it’s the first in a trilogy.
  2. Spur of the Moment Vegetable Soup – made from veggies on the downward slope. There is nothing that feels better than cleaning out the fridge by creating tasty dishes. (Well, there are some things that do feel better, but I’ll run with this for the moment.)\
  3. Elk pepperoni sticks – when you just want a meat snack. So good.

The biggest thing? The thought that tomorrow is Friday.

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