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Today’s haiku

Man with head buried in hand

mama never said

working with stupid asshats

could be so so hard


-sitting at a work meeting

Today’s haiku – three

cozy fireplace

chilly winter night

thinking of autumn journeys

ah, warm memories


-on looking at photos from a trip to Japan


starry night

stars shiver above

in a cold sapphire sky

winter wonderland


-on looking at the stars in clear, dry Oregon weather


frost road

is it frost or snow?

white patches on the roadside

solstice is coming


-on driving Highway 30

Today’s haiku

shopping cartsshared sighs as we wait

the checkout line doesn’t move

it’s only 12/8!


-from a veeeery slow line at Costco

Today’s haiku

Dog claiming skateboardman on a skateboard

holding a chuckit and leash-

delighted puppy


-from a lovely afternoon walk in gorgeous Oregon winter sunshine (seriously!)

Photo source: Les Chatfield

Today’s haiku – two

sasquatchSasquatch robot arm?

The Six Million Dollar Man

raises an eyebrow


-from the couch with season 3  of “The Six Million Dollar Man” playing




Japanese postinstant sekihan,

green tea, rag zori—

package from Japan


-in the kitchen with a package just received from a good friend in Japan

Today’s haiku

cedar branchempty sky above
lone bird darts among cedars
winter solitude


-from the comfort of the couch,
with a plate of pumpkin pie

Today’s haiku

tissues boxcoughing and sneezing

a mound of dirty tissues

ah, winter is here


from the comfort of the couch,
with a steaming mug of Lemon-Ginger tea and a full box of Kleenex

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