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Happy release day!

Man, has it been awhile. There is nothing quite like having to relearn how to invent the wheel to remind you just how much you knew and then forgot. Damn.

But! I have two new stories out and available at last.

“Gravedigger’s Last Call” is a short story about a man, a beer, and a life-changing conversation. It’s a contemporary fantasy —I can’t quite call it “urban fantasy” but it’s a modern tale with a fantastic element or two. Magical realism? Maybe, but I generally don’t think of ‘magical realism’ with a lager.


An Angel of Her Own cover“An Angel of Her Own”  is a short story about a woman, a man, and a ghost. With some physical therapy, snarkiness, and a dash of romance. Again, it’s pegged as contemporary fantasy, but maybe there is a better genre for it. If you can think of one, let me know.


Both stories are out as ebooks. They will be available in print with other ‘contemporary fantasy’ stories (of a sort) in a story collection in the next month or two.

Yes, that is a public declaration that there will be more stories and books out in the near future. Stay tuned!

Today’s haiku

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocketwatching on Youtube

Falcon Heavy rocket launch

took my breath away


-not quite the same as being at Kennedy Space Center
for a space shuttle launch, but still pretty damn cool

Today’s haiku

steampunk airshipstaring at the wall

I see zombie trains, airships

guess I’m a writer

Today’s haiku

blue sky with clouds“Rain!” the forecast said

light blue sky peeks through the clouds

forlorn umbrella

Today’s haiku

Hatsugama 2018back at the tea space

meeting old friends and new friends

this moment is all


-on attending “Hatsugama”*



Hatsugama / 初釜 / boiling of the first kettle tea ceremony

Hatsugama first tea ceremony This meeting is seen as something very special. Hatsugama is the only time when the tea teacher him or herself prepares tea for all her students. In most cases this tea ceremony is a complete Chaji meeting with Kaiseki meal, Nakadachi breaks, and the whole ritual done the way it was learned during classes. It is impossible to teach the whole Chaji at once, therefor it is always broken up into practicing how to prepare Usucha, Koicha, and arranging the charcoal in Sumidemae. Only this time will the whole ritual be performed by the tea teacher with some help of his or her students. It is an opportunity to meet all the other students whom might be studying on different days and for the teacher to point out some of the details about the flow of a full Chaji meeting. Typical for this meeting is the festive mood, exquisite cuisine, and the curved braided willow branches hung in the alcove.


Today’s haiku

muddy water - not the singer“rainy and breezy”

hot chocolate-colored water

overflows stream banks

Today’s haiku

rainbow umbrelladark skies overhead

happy little umbrella

the world seems brighter

Today’s haiku

mossy trees in mistfuzzy mossy trees

glow green in the overcast

Oregon winter

Today’s haiku

cold hot toddyjust got a cold

felt better, resumed rushing

back to the sniffles


-on catching a 3rd cold this season

Today’s haiku

"Discipline Equals Freedom" by Jocko Willinkread Jocko Willink

‘fear doesn’t get a vote’ now

back to the writing


-on reading “Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual” by Jocko Willink

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