What I’m liking this week:

Reading: Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews. I love the Kate Daniels series, and it has been awhile since I read urban fantasy (I was on a science fiction kick, and then started working on my TBR pile, and now wanted something to just entertain myself with).

Eating: Roasted pork chops. I had never cooked pork chops before, despite growing up with them. Tried a very simple recipe (I like “simple” in just about everything), and it turned out so well that I’ve got to do it again. Like this weekend.

Thinking: Unf*%& Your Habitat. Been trying to create a more efficient and simple (see? I told you I liked simple) cleaning routine, and as much as I like a lot of Flylady’s content*, she seems to have way more time than I do. UfYH has an attitude that resonates with me**, and I really like the “before and after” photos of folks cleaning up their spaces***.

Now, to get back to enjoying the current sunbreak . . .



*I will say that Flylady’s “swish and swipe” concept is brilliant, and combined with keeping the kitchen sink and counters clean, means a lot of the stress/effort of cleaning becomes moot.

**Just the name would be enough, but then they go and say things like “Excuses are boring.” I love that.

***It’s a guilty pleasure, like watching Property Brothers , but without hot Canadian guys. Or Canadian accents.