Let’s say there is something you want to do (or worse yet, need to do), and yet you just can’t get yourself to do it. In fact, you will do every-any-thing else, even things you can not stand (dusting, anyone?), to avoid doing what you want/need to do.

I’m not going to delve into the psychology of why we procrastinate (that blog post is coming soon).

I am going to tell you what to do when you have something you want/need to do, but you can’t get yourself to do it.

Take the first step.

  • Want to write? Open up a word processing program, or take out a notebook and a pen.
  • Want to read more? Pick up a book and crack it open.
  • Want to run? Put on your running shoes.
  • Want to clean the house? Grab a sponge.
  • Want to walk the dog? Put a leash on him/her/it.
  • Want to practice a musical instrument? Play a single note.
  • Want to get in touch with a friend? Dial their phone number.
  • Want to get outside? Open the door.
  • Want to introduce yourself? Say, “Hi.”
  • Want to workout? Do a pushup.

Take the first, tiniest step.

Your goal is to take that first step. Anything after that is gravy. Did you get your running shoes on? Fantastic! You’re good for the day. Job well done!

Now don’t get all “But doing that one thing doesn’t accomplish anything! How does ‘grabbing a sponge’ get me to cleaning the whole place?”

Just start and see how it goes. More often than not, clearing that one tiny hurdle will ease your way into doing the thing. It falls into that “Since I’m here . . . ” concept.

Since I have my running shoes on, I might as well step outside.

Since I have my word processing program open, I might as well write a few words.

Since I did one pushup (and it felt pretty good), I might as well do another, since I’m here on the floor.

Too easy? Then do the thing for fifteen minutes.

Small moves, Sparks.