Welcome to November, aka National Novel Writing Month (aka Nanowrimo—”na-no-RYE-mo”). The goal: over the next 30 days to write a 50,000 word novel from scratch.

Yup, from absolutely nothin’.

While I’ve completed six novels courtesy of Nanowrimo, this year I’ll be blogging it as I write. Naked writing/blogging, if you will. Why? To create a record of the experience that isn’t just a spreadsheet, and to show that writing a novel in 30 days is not that hard and doesn’t have to take up all of one’s life.

A novel will be a change for me because lately I’ve been writing short stories and the occasional novella (which was supposed to be a short story and, um, went longer). The last novel I wrote was during Nanowrimo 2014, and I spent 20 writing days on that from start to finish, and the only drama was in the story itself. With any luck, this year will be similar.

Follow along with me (“andipedia”), and join in the Nano fun!