Day 4.5

Hit an impasse where I felt like I needed to flesh out the story world, and hopefully get a sense of where the story could/should go. Spent two hours researching Regency era history and fashion, Napoleonic wars, British empire boundaries, steampunk, Industrial Revolution, analogue computers, lighter-than-air airships, Chinese Qing dynasty history, and Five Element Theory. It’s all good, but I needed some time to let the information distill, so I took the night off. Besides, there was serious distraction provided by the US election results.

Day 5

Wrote 2079 words, now that I have a better idea of how the story world works (or could work). Did some research on Regency era weddings, found some mistakes I made (they were morning ceremonies, solemn, with only family and close friends attending—guess I’ve seen too many Hollywood movies), then continued on with the story. Picked up Maddy at the altar, got her to the wedding breakfast (which is historically accurate!), then a mysterious person gave her an unseen object as she went to leave with her new husband. I have no idea what the object is, but that is something to deal with on another day. Now on to Chapter Four.

Writing sessions today:

20″ – 509 words

30″ – 863 words

35″ – 707 words

Total writing time: 375* 680 minutes (6 hours 15 minutes)

Total word count: 8488 words

*Corrected since the Muse insisted on the wrong number to begin with. I really wish she’d focus more on the story.