Ah ha! So perhaps having more structure is a Good Thing. Wrote 7316 words in 4 hours and was NOT completely wiped at the end of it. Got 3000 words in and took a time out to reassess all the metaphorical balls I have in play. Turns out there are ten (a mysterious stone, a presumably dead brother, missing agents, a secret weapon, etc.), so lots to play with story- and conflict-wise. Muse is quite delighted.

Discovered that Maddy needed a confidant/BFF/sidekick because the poor lass has absolutely no one to share her worries and hopes with, and voila! A new, and rather obnoxiously cocky, character appeared. I think he and Maddy will get along famously, once they can sort out their egos.

Writing sessions today:

20″ – 568 words

20″ – 552 words

25″ – 541 words

50″ – 1400 words

20″ – 562 words

20″ – 609 words

20″ – 704 words

45″ – 1714 words

20″ – 666 words

Total novel writing time so far: 700 minutes (11 hours 40 minutes)

Total novel word count so far: 18354 words