We’re approaching the midway point, so it’s time in the story to reveal information that will Change Everything for our heroine. That brother I didn’t have planned (just the three sisters initially in the family)? Yeah, he is now going to play a major role. And in the process of trying to figure him/story out, I learned some further details about his and Maddy’s relationship (ever have a closer relationship to one family member than another? something similar to that). And with near-death experiences, people’s motives can certainly change . . .

Fewer words today (1596), but Life Happened, so I am grateful for the words I did get. Having now crossed the halfway point, it’s all downhill from here. Theoretically.

Writing sessions today:

25″ – 1096 words

20″ – 470 words (in longhand – takes longer than typing)

5″ – 30 words (in longhand, again)

Total novel writing time so far: 945 minutes (15 hours 45 minutes)

Total novel word count so far: 26170 words