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Nanowrimo Day 12

We’re approaching the midway point, so it’s time in the story to reveal information that will Change Everything for our heroine. That brother I didn’t have planned (just the three sisters initially in the family)? Yeah, he is now going to play a major role. And in the process of trying to figure him/story out, I learned some further details about his and Maddy’s relationship (ever have a closer relationship to one family member than another? something similar to that). And with near-death experiences, people’s motives can certainly change . . .

Fewer words today (1596), but Life Happened, so I am grateful for the words I did get. Having now crossed the halfway point, it’s all downhill from here. Theoretically.

Writing sessions today:

25″ – 1096 words

20″ – 470 words (in longhand – takes longer than typing)

5″ – 30 words (in longhand, again)

Total novel writing time so far: 945 minutes (15 hours 45 minutes)

Total novel word count so far: 26170 words


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  1. Terri Wortman

    One mountain at a time and before you know it, you’ve done it… Journey complete! I must say, it is interesting to read what you write about writing. Seems like it is an out of body sort of experience. Is Muse throwing some creative ideas at you as you hammer out your word count?

    • Andi

      It’s not exactly an out-of-body experience, but more of a half-remembered dream or conversation. As for Muse, she doesn’t throw ideas so much as whispers a word or provides an image. The irony is that I generally have to be writing (or focused on it) before she’ll give me any hints or suggestions. She’s a cheeky thing.

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