Ugh. I don’t want to write* and I’m doing anything I can to avoid it**, including finding a new dentist (which if you know anything about me, you know how much I detest dentists, so to actively choose to research them and then schedule an appointment—yeah, this is way worse than dusting).

Some say that hitting the Wall where you don’t want to write, or are severly procrastinating, is a Good Sign that your subconscious is afraid of writing and revealing some part of yourself you’d rather keep hidden. That is generally the Good Stuff, but the subconscious wants to protect you by not exposing that to the world, so you end up doing Anything Else, anything besides writing.

I’d like a break from writing, but given the time constraints (thanks, Nano!) I can’t afford to NOT write, and I don’t want to count on having many more 7,000+ word count days because, well you know, Life Happens. So contingency planning, for writing. Which means Butt in Chair, fingers on keyboard, timer running.

Back to the word mines now . . .

Writing sessions today:

25″ – 792 words (painful)

20″ – 233 words (fairly excruciating)

Total novel writing time so far: 1095 minutes (18 hours 15 minutes)

Total novel word count so far: 30289 words


*This is not exactly unexpected because doing anything this intensively will often cause that “can I just go home now?” thought. Especially when you are half-way through and you realize just how far you still have to go. <sigh>

To be fair, this may also be a result of lack of sleep. Curse Dancing with the Stars and their season finale being 2 WHOLE NIGHTS, and making me stay up way past my bedtime. Seriously, can they not wait until December (i.e. when Nanowrimo is over) to do their epic finales?

BTW, James Hinchcliffe totally should have won. Laurie Hernandez was great, but Hinchcliffe was breathtakingly amazing.

**Like create a draft cover in GIMP, which is a completely different animal from Photoshop. I don’t care what they say—GIMP is a very different mindset from Photoshop. And can I just say: if you want to compete against Photoshop, why the hell would you use different keyboard shortcuts? I’m talking to you “Crop”! (Photoshop = “C”; GIMP = “Shift + C” because “C” = “clone”. Who uses clone more than crop? BAH!)

Avoiding writing? I don’t know what you’re talking about . . .