So that previous post—you know, the one about “Stay the Course” and not getting distracted? Yeah, I should read that. Every. Single. Day.


Like all New Year’s resolutiony things, I had somewhat grand plans (quite modest, in my opinion, but still, in the grand scheme of things and in hindsight, perhaps a bit on the large side), and those plans got derailed as I ran into doubts and questions and “oh, I just need to research this ONE thing . . . ” And then the train literally, metaphorically, and absolutely ended up and over the rails, just as it was crossing the Great Ravine*.

Stay the Course. Right.

I am managing to keep up with The Daily Stoic readings, which has been good. More on that in upcoming posts.

So, this is the post of Deep Atonement. And a reminder to myself that I really should listen to, er, myself.**



*I’m seeing that scene from Captain America: The First Avenger where the train is on the raised railroad, crossing the huge ravine somewhere in WWII-ravaged Europe, and Bucky is hanging on for dear life as Cap tries to save him . . .  Yeah, feeling like Bucky. And not the “Winter Soldier” kicking ass Bucky. Oh, no. The “oh my god I’m going to die because I’m dangling over an abyss” Bucky. Which is not good, because actually I want to be Captain America. No, nix that. I want to be Peggy Carter. That woman rocks.

And no, the train in Captain America doesn’t get derailed. For some reason, that’s what I remembered.

*And a bit of an Austin Powers moment there. Yeesh.