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Sometimes things turn out okay

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Wait. What?

I went in for my post-op follow-up and was told that everything looks good. Even better? I can eat real food again! So no more relying on soups, applesauce, and other soft foods. This means pizza and crusty bread and chips and all that good stuff. Woo hoo! I just still have to be careful with the roof of my mouth, which hasn’t quite finished healing yet (but so close).

Now, to start easing back into “normal” life and moving forward with my projects. I’ve got a book (or two) to publish!


The joys of not talking


Getting close


  1. Terri Wortman

    Yay! Healing is going well for you!

    • Andi

      No kidding — yay, indeed! It’s so good to be back on real food (finally had pizza, and it was lovely). Although, I have to remind myself that there are more calories in Real Food than in the soups, yogurt, and applesauces.

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