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Today’s haiku

aloha shirts

bright Hawaiian shirts

mock me from the closet with

their floral patterns


-from the “what do I wear today?” quandary

Photo source: Vera & Jean-Christophe


Today’s haiku – four

christmas card

writing Christmas cards

wanting to express my love

no time—must mail now




reading in bed

day to myself—joy!

reading in bed, taking walks

watching falling rain






winter cider

bad Christmas movies,

writing cards, drinking cider—

holiday delights




rain gutters

grey blanket of sky

waterfalls from the gutters—

Oregon winter

Today’s haiku

Japanese tea ceremony


that card I just sent

the one I struggled to write

will arrive too late


-in memory of June Moriyasu

Today’s haiku

hands holding each other

she’s in hospice care

in the card what can I say

but ‘thinking of you’?


-on hearing of a tea teacher’s decline

Today’s haiku

old mailed packageUSPS <sigh>

why do you make it so hard

to send mail abroad?


-trying to “Click N Ship” packages to Japan, with no instructions at all of what to attach to the packages of the three (3!) separate receipt/customs declarations

Today’s haiku

Man with head buried in hand

mama never said

working with stupid asshats

could be so so hard


-sitting at a work meeting

Today’s haiku – three

cozy fireplace

chilly winter night

thinking of autumn journeys

ah, warm memories


-on looking at photos from a trip to Japan


starry night

stars shiver above

in a cold sapphire sky

winter wonderland


-on looking at the stars in clear, dry Oregon weather


frost road

is it frost or snow?

white patches on the roadside

solstice is coming


-on driving Highway 30

Today’s haiku

shopping cartsshared sighs as we wait

the checkout line doesn’t move

it’s only 12/8!


-from a veeeery slow line at Costco

Today’s haiku – two

knitting arnblues, purples, and cream

in soft merino wool yarn

warm and toasty feet


-from a comfy couch with a winter warming drink


rush hour

a sweeping story

told in an audiobook—

commuting delight


-from a car stuck in rush hour traffic

Today’s haiku

Dog claiming skateboardman on a skateboard

holding a chuckit and leash-

delighted puppy


-from a lovely afternoon walk in gorgeous Oregon winter sunshine (seriously!)

Photo source: Les Chatfield

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