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Month: December 2019

Today’s haiku

Image by Roman Koval on Pexels

joys of the season

snow dusting the deck railing

bourbon-laced eggnog

Today’s haiku


“Snow Buddies” movie

puppies sled, talk in Great North

escapist delight

Today’s haiku

Image by suju on Pixabay

joys of the season

cinnamon-vanilla tea

cheesy Christmas films

Today’s haiku

Image by tookapic on Pixabay

joys of the season

wood stove heat & a blanket

gingersnaps baking

Today’s haiku

Image by Gerbil on Wikimedia Commons

Christmas memory:

lighting candles on the tree

magical childhood

Today’s haiku

Image by annaj from Pixabay

holiday french toast

with eggnog—rum or bourbon?

bourbon FTW

Today’s haiku

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

darkness at rising

greyness during the midday

darkness on drive home

Today’s haiku

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Gerbil

odd jumbled shape of

colored lights in the distance–

festooned pick-up truck

Today’s haiku

dentist chairbetween injections

dentist’s chair meditation:

“and this, too, shall pass”

—apparently my body doesn’t recognize anesthetics well, much to my (and the dentist’s) dismay

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