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Month: September 2020

Today’s haiku

man wearing respirator

Photo credit: Pixabay/Ri_Ya

with respirator
I feel like an alien
when working outside

-had to get some yardwork done in the midst of wildfire smoke

“Hexes and Dust” now available

At long last, the next story in the Weird West “Seven Territories” series is out and available. Take that, pandemic and riots and wildfires!

In “Hexes and Dust,” a Union Army veteran returns home to seek revenge against the evil bastard who destroyed his life. Oh, and to stop the Evil Bastard from selling to the highest bidder Very Nasty magic drugs. And all of this happening at the saloon of the Sassy Woman who captured his heart.

It’s Ocean’s Eleven meets The Three Stooges in a magical Old West setting. With whiskey, fairies, and all manner of hexes.

If you like your fantasy served up in an alternate history glass with a splash of zombies and a dash of romance, check out “Hexes and Dust“.

Today’s haiku

girl holding head in pain

Photo credit: Pixabay/mintchipdesigns


that, and ‘unprecedented’

—those words make me sigh

Today’s haiku

woman listening with headphones

Photo credit: Pixabay/whoalice-moore

ah, 2020

COVID, riots, wildfires

U.S. elections

the only good thing so far:

my newfound deep love for Rush

-This one is technically a tanka (5-7-5-7-7).

Take a listen/watch. If this doesn’t lift your spirits, try it again.

Today’s haiku

woman shushing

Photo credit: Pixabay/Engin_Akyurt

“Could this year get worse?”

I try to stop her asking

because always: “yes”

-You would think people would know better than to tempt fate.

Today’s haiku

boy covering his face

Photo credit: Pixabay/mintchipdesigns

at least there’s no talk

of yeast or bean shortages

or murder hornets

-This is me trying to look on the bright side of Impending Doom.

Today’s haiku

Photo credit: Pixabay/Ylvers

too early for snow

tiny flakes of grey flit down

from sickly yellow skies

-The sky looks like a normal Oregon overcast day, except it isn’t. It’s all smoke with bits of ash raining down.

Today’s haiku

orange smokey sky from wildfiresthe burnt orange sky

campfire taste in the air

instinct begs me to run

-On driving down I-5 South from Portland, and into a steadily darker world of wildfire smoke during what should be daylight hours. Photo was taken at 3 p.m. Notice the streetlight on. The sky was slightly darker than this (cell phones are not true cameras). Coronavirus has nothing on wildfires.

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