Day 25

Time to start catching up. In years past I could do a 7000 word day (which was fantastic for catching up on word count), but I’m finding that I’m writing a lot cleaner these days. This means fewer words (a 4000 word day is a major catch up day), but those words are contributing to more of a final product than the slapdash ye olde 7000 word days. With experience (age?), I have learned that I would rather write a little slower and cleaner than write at the speed of keyboard sound, because writing cleaner means a lot less work when preparing the story for publishing.

So once I could get my Butt in Chair, I started getting on with the writing. Finally broke 40,000 words and getting closer to Nanowrimo par. Woo hoo!

20″ 152, 10″ 306, 30″ 778, 35″ 554, 25″ 528, 20″ 563, 15″ 554, 20″ 567 (3 hours & 4102 words)

Day 26

Happy Thanksgiving! I took today off from proper writing, although I did spend an hour while watching the National Dog Show thinking about the story and sorting out timelines and figuring out the pieces to the plot puzzle, like what scenes I need to write and when/where to drop in some clues. I ended up breaking out some index cards and writing down plot points on them and then rearranging them on the timeline to get a visual idea of how this all plays out.

From what I can tell, this will definitely NOT be a 50,000 word novel when complete. More likely 65,000 at least. We shall see as the story gets ever more complicated…

60″ 0 words

TOTALS SO FAR: 2330″ (38.8 hours) & 41,043