It’s here, it’s here! The Seven Territories collection of short stories in a crazy alternative American Old West. I say ‘crazy’ because this is a reimagined Old West with zombies, vampires, magic, and Chinese mythology. The really crazy thing? Some of it is even based in actual (as in REAL) history!

I know. It’s hard to believe President Ulysses S. Grant was possessed by a demon. But do the research!

(I’m joking. There is no confirmed evidence that President Grant was actually possessed by a demon, despite all the rumors. However, there is scientific evidence of Celtic mummies in ancient China. So there.)

What I love about the Seven Territories stories is they are a little of everything: action, adventure, fantasy, history, romance, and good vs. evil. And all of that wrapped up in a fun fast-paced package with saloons, the Transcontinental Railroad, and tumbling tumbleweeds.

Take a look for yourself. Weird and West is available in ebook and trade paperback at most online retailers. Bring your cowboy hat and magic wand! You will need ’em.