It’s really weird to realize that the last time I published a book it was, oh, almost EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO.

I apologize for the shouting.

Life went sideways last year. Actually, it went M.C. Escher-ways. And despite my best intentions (like publishing a book a month), that didn’t happen.

However, I did discover a deep and abiding respect for taking a time out for self-care.

But it’s a new year, and life seems to have settled down to a relatively drama-free state (for now), so I’ve been able to get back into the publishing saddle* at last.

Second Chances is a collection of the “Relics of a Future Past” books, all in one convenient volume. That in itself is pretty cool. Even cooler was the assist from AI for the jacket copy. Check this out:

Get ready for a thrilling ride through time and space in Andi Winter’s Relics of a Future Past Series.

An inventive series that defies genre classification, these books offer an engaging mix of science fiction, action-adventure, and contemporary fantasy all set in the breathtaking landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

This collection includes two novellas and one full-length novel: Memories of a Future Past, A Kiss in Time, and Spring Comes Twice.


What if your daydreams were actually memories of a future that has yet to come? College student Riah LaPorte is forced to confront this possibility when she meets an old man who claims to be her husband from the future. But as she embarks on a dangerous mission to save him, Riah begins to question everything she thought she knew about her past, present, and future.


To confess his love, cartoonist Michael Loca will do anything—even travel to an alternate dimension. But when he meets his love there, he realizes that his traveling may have far-reaching consequences, and that he might not make it home. Can he find a way back, and what ripples will he face if he succeeds?


When tech billionaire Eben Williams loses his fiancée in a tragic accident, he becomes obsessed with bringing her back to life. But when old friends ask for his help with a secret device that resurrects the dead, he uncovers shocking secrets and must make a difficult decision that will change everything.

“I highly recommend Andi Winter’s books. They are fun, quick reads that are a treat to experience. I can’t wait to start the next one.” —Amazon review

For what it’s worth, the Amazon review is a genuine review. No AI involved there.**

I gave the AI my original text for the jacket, and it came out with what you see above (well, minus the correct character names and with some incorrect plot points). My jaw fell when I saw the AI version. Heck, maybe there actually is something to this AI thing?

That said, I have no plans to use AI for story development or writing — that’s all me. But for marketing? There may be a place for it.

Second Chances is available in paperback and e-book versions at most online retailers. AI seemed to think it would appeal to readers of Ready Player One and Dark Matter. I’m not sure about RPO, but there may be something to Dark Matter. I have it on my nightstand to read, and I’ll let you know.


*I’ve been bingeing Yellowstone. It seems to be influencing my thought process lately, for probably worse.

**As far as I know, all of my readers are human. At least at this point.