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Today’s haiku

crescent moon and star

Image by Bluesnap from Pixabay

suspended above

lone star and sliver of moon

orange dawning sky

Happy Release Day!

Daggers and Demons coverNext up in The Seven Territories series is “Daggers and Demons“. This story features daggers, and demons, and the usual crazy mix that is my Weird West: Chinese mythology, Celtic mythology, blacksmiths, and all of it based to some degree on honest-to-goodness real history.

When a Resistance fighter comes looking for an ancient mystical weapon that could change everything for the war against the Menace, he finds himself caught up in mythological chaos that will have long-lasting consequences that he could never foresee.

“Daggers and Demons” is available in the usual online places (Amazon and the rest). If you like your fantasy with a side of history and Old West, check this story out!

Today’s haiku

rain and wind“heavy rain at times”

my red hat nearly flies off

“with sudden wind gusts”


Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Today’s haiku

Photo created by freepik

no plans for dinner

leftovers from free work lunch

happy evening meal

Happy Release Day!

Wilde and Sweet coverNew in The Seven Territories series is “Wilde and Sweet”. It’s a charming short story about love, magic, and demons, set during New Year’s in the alternative Wild West world of magic, zombies, and Chinese mythology.

An Army deserter makes the mistake of kissing the mayor’s daughter at the town Christmas party, and demonic chaos ensues. If you like twists and turns in your historical fantasy stories, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

So if you haven’t gotten your fill of holiday stories (or you’re not quite yet ready for stories about sunny tropical beaches and 4th of July celebrations), check it out! The story is available at the usual digital marketplaces (Amazon and everybody else).

Today’s haiku

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

solstice come and gone

the days should be lightening

can’t see through the fog

Today’s haiku

Image by Roman Koval on Pexels

joys of the season

snow dusting the deck railing

bourbon-laced eggnog

Today’s haiku


“Snow Buddies” movie

puppies sled, talk in Great North

escapist delight

Today’s haiku

Image by suju on Pixabay

joys of the season

cinnamon-vanilla tea

cheesy Christmas films

Today’s haiku

Image by tookapic on Pixabay

joys of the season

wood stove heat & a blanket

gingersnaps baking

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