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Today’s haiku

book seriesa complete book series

one of life’s greatest pleasures

reading it straight through

-my sincere gratitude to Gail Carriger and her steampunk Parasolverse novels

Today’s haiku

laptop and tea on a deckfirst nice day in awhile

I videochat outside

to helo fly-bys

Today’s haiku

seedlings in handmy seed starts languish

friends speak of garden bounty

I stare at my sprouts

Today’s haiku

fabric for maing masknew mask reqs at work

digging through my closets, find

old fabric untouched

Todays haiku

baseball on fieldah, impermanence

just when I find new normal

life throws a curve ball

Today’s haiku

tired woman overwhelmedsleep for eight hours

wake tired, no energy

can’t focus, tears fall

Today’s haiku

green sproutevery night I check

the deck planter filled with seeds:

any shoots this time?

Today’s haiku

rhododendrons in bloomthe rain keeps falling

as rhododendrons explode

pinks, fuchsias, reds

Today’s haiku

ah, insomniaexhausting work day

go to bed at normal time

—wide awake at 1 a.m.

Today’s haiku

sad dogfirst it was TP

then bleach, flour, yeast, rice, beans

now it’s meat, pet food

—on scarcity in grocery stores

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