To a world where magic exists, as do consequences and true love. And ninjas, because, you know. Ninjas.


It’s a great time to sign up for my newsletter (it’s over there on the right). I just wrapped up a free short story in my Relics of a Future Past series, and it is only available to newsletter subscribers. It’s a sweet story about V-2 rockets, temporospatial energy, and love, called “Doorway to Infinity”. If you like time travel, Selfridge’s, and secret Underground stations (and tacos!), this might be up your alley.

Latest Releases

The Relics of a Future Past series kicks off with a long short story, followed by my first published novel.

Memories of a Future Past follows a college student whose dreams are so real that she begins to wonder if they are actually buried memories. Then things get weirder when an old man tells her he is her future husband, and that he needs her help to correct the past.

Spring Comes Twice asks how far you would go to bring your loved one back from the dead. It’s a novel of magic, technology, and the power of love, with a talking dog, Chinese mythology, and a lot of cursing and bacon.

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