To a world where magic exists, as do consequences and true love. And ninjas, because, you know. Ninjas.


It’s a great time to sign up for my newsletter (it’s over there on the right). I just wrapped up a free short story in my Relics of a Future Past series, and it is only available to newsletter subscribers. It’s a sweet story about V-2 rockets, temporospatial energy, and love, called “Doorway to Infinity”. If you like time travel, Selfridge’s, and secret Underground stations (and tacos!), this might be up your alley.

Latest Releases

Something good from the pandemic: romance short stories! Get the stories individually, or all 5 in a convenient digital OR paperback package. And no, these aren’t your usual romances, but they are hopeful and I think we can use more of that these days.

Curious about writing, but don’t know where to start? Try one of my Mojo Writers Guides. These compact guides cover How to Write a Short Story and How to Write a Novel in 30 Days.

The Seven Territories series of short stories is now available in digital AND print editions. Enter a twisted American Old West with zombies, magic, Chinese mythology, oh—and ninjas!

In a similar vein (well, only in terms of reality bending) the Relics of a Future Past series of stories take place in modern times and feature time travel, alternate universes, soul transference, talking dogs, and a lot of twists and turns (along with German-manufactured cars and bacon). If you like your fiction fast-paced with plenty of heart, give these stories a shot.

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