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Month: February 2020

Today’s haiku

early crocus

purple crocus heads

poking up out of the ground

a dash of color

Today’s haiku

crescent moon and star

Image by Bluesnap from Pixabay

suspended above

lone star and sliver of moon

orange dawning sky

Happy Release Day!

Daggers and Demons coverNext up in The Seven Territories series is “Daggers and Demons“. This story features daggers, and demons, and the usual crazy mix that is my Weird West: Chinese mythology, Celtic mythology, blacksmiths, and all of it based to some degree on honest-to-goodness real history.

When a Resistance fighter comes looking for an ancient mystical weapon that could change everything for the war against the Menace, he finds himself caught up in mythological chaos that will have long-lasting consequences that he could never foresee.

“Daggers and Demons” is available in the usual online places (Amazon and the rest). If you like your fantasy with a side of history and Old West, check this story out!

Today’s haiku

rain and wind“heavy rain at times”

my red hat nearly flies off

“with sudden wind gusts”


Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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