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Today’s haiku

dentist chairbetween injections

dentist’s chair meditation:

“and this, too, shall pass”

—apparently my body doesn’t recognize anesthetics well, much to my (and the dentist’s) dismay

Today’s haiku

maples leaves in the raincrimson maple trees

blazing color in the rain

nature on fire

Today’s haiku

storm clouds approaching

peeks of blue in the distance

ducks huddle nearby

Today’s haiku


woke to drums pounding
lightning flashing in the sky
—a striking commute

—Very strange for the Portland area. Very very strange.
And yet I can’t not pun.

Today’s haiku

hawk in nesteach morning I check

birds’ nest on telephone pole—

two falcons? or three?


Today’s haiku

sleeping fox

one day I’m moving
building shelves, tearing down walls
the next — unconscious

—on monthly energy swings

Today’s haiku

nutella toastsign on the highway:

“Spread love thick like Nutella”

—true words to live by

Today’s haiku

falcon flyingsoaring overhead

the falcon rides the thermals

lazy summer day

-with the extreme heat we’re seeing, the thermals must have been amazing

Today’s haiku

blackberries and vinesThought friend was joking:

“You gotta beat back nature”

-ah, the blackberries



Today’s haiku

monster rhododendronkernels on the branch

monster rhododendron blooms

like fuchsia popcorn

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