Had a good day. Finished chapter one over the course of four writing sessions (15-35 minutes each). I was surprised by how the plot has already turned from the vague idea/plan I had (from Madalene coming out swinging at the intended groom to looking at the marriage as an opportunity to achieve her dream), and that there are three sisters (I was thinking there were five, but this could change again).

There are some things to go back and add (more/better clothing descriptions since the clothing will help with having Madalene doing something while arguing with her mother and show her interests, and have Madalene know about the ball but just finding out that her intended will be there), but the foundation is set.

Off to a decent start. Can’t wait to find out how Maddy and the groom interact!

Writing sessions today:

15″ – 253 words

15″ – 318 words

20″ – 444 words

35″ – 797 words

Total time writing: 100 minutes

Total word count: 2165 words