The story is continuing along. I’m still having the initial issues of putting butt in chair and writing, but I’m also finding that if I have a plan for the writing session (500 words = characters do this, 500 words = characters do that), then it’s much easier and less scary to write.

There’s probably a life lesson in there. <sigh>

Wrote close to 2000 words in close to an hour. A slightly slower pace than of late, but still respectable. I wasn’t sure about the details of the Super Secret Weapon (and still am not sure), but the fuel source is certainly clearer and the ramifications quite startling. What will our heroes do? Again, I have no idea. Okay, I do, but it’s along the lines of “attack Big Bad, suffer major setback”. I guess some details might be good.

Writing sessions today:

40″ – 1050 words

25″ – 926 words PANTS ON FIRE!

Total novel writing time so far: 895 minutes (14 hours 55 minutes)

Total novel word count so far: 24574 words