I wasn’t sure how today would go since yesterday went so well. Would the creative well have dried up? After all, I nearly doubled my word count in one day, so I could understand if Muse collapsed and said she just wanted to eat bonbons and watch Property Brothers.

But no!

Wrote 2091 words today in about an hour, and the story is continuing to chug happily along. Top tip: arguing couples (especially when they are two stubborn determined individuals) are great for advancing conflict on multiple levels (interpersonal & story-wise). And they are a heck of a lot of fun to write.

Surprises today: the Captain let his guard down and told Maddy (to a certain extent) what is going on and what the stakes are. Oh, and in the process of preparing for the stealthy recon mission, Maddy got a crossbow! Muse is rather tickled about this. Hopefully I’ll remember that Maddy has the crossbow, and not see it just disappear mid-story*.

Writing sessions today:

30″ – 1044 words

25″ – 1047 words

Total novel writing time so far: 755 minutes (12 hours 35 minutes)

Total novel word count so far: 20445 words


*This happens rather frequently with first drafts. Along with changing main characters’ names and eye colors, dropping minor storylines, losing characters (not killing them, mind you—just losing them from the page), and forgetting what genre the story was supposed to be. All of which I have inadvertantly done in various novels. Which is why rewriting novels is a Good Thing.